Preacher Men

3 07 2008

I’ve been very fortunate to attend two great events in the past week.

Nelson’s B-day was incredible. I feel really fortunate to be alive in his times.

Jack and Ben made sense. Made London worthwhile. Made me want to surf very badly. Makes you want to hold your lady.

Be happy peeps. There is plenty of good to go around.



27 06 2008

Check this out. Great visual way to share your favourite beats

Some of my happy tunes

Make my little dophin dominate!

26 06 2008

Chunks in brine

yes please.

23 06 2008

Bath times are clean times

When sweet baby-lady-jesus created ‘Sex and the City: the movie’ it was bait to root out all men who like Blahniks. For those that nimbly side stepped this cunning bear trap disguised as ‘date movie’ – you are ushered into the darkened halls of man-movie heaven. More bathing less bullet curling

your social friends suck.

20 06 2008

By ‘social’ i mean the hundreds of ‘friend’ requests you have accepted.

I was at a Foo Fighters gig about 2 weeks back and the crowd was like my facebook account. Big,friendly and easy to make friends (if you had a spare beer). The link in this seemingly absurd analogy is ‘lots of people in in one place, who aren’t there to see each other’

Foo fighters, Wembley. Try create this feeling with your 600 \'friends\'

Now don’t get me wrong. I think the internet is a swell place to meet and connect. My problem is that as connections become easier to make, their value decreases (as the graph below illustrates).

I’m really interested in how the next evolution of the web (please God let it not be called ‘3.0’) is going to create real tangible, physical experience for users. At the moment 600 facebook friends is just not the same as getting elbowed in the head at a gig.You cant experience it.

Is a handshake worth more than 100 friend requests?

The First.

19 06 2008

First post. New Blog. Happy times.

Today in Leicester Square this covert attack on Scientology was captured.

Today in Leiscester Square