DJ Baby Jesus

8 08 2008

The Beats from above

The Beats from above

When you are feeling weak, and alone, crank up the ghettoblaster and get high like mount Sinai!



5 08 2008

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”5bf2b1275dbaded74fbd1231ee3b12a7″ pid=”f7c4be7eeb241db97f81d8025222ab81″ un=”mattmanland” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

Poo Wizards

17 07 2008
Poo can make your heart melt

Poo can make your heart melt

Sometimes you stumble onto a rare gem made of polished poo. Its times like this you have to down tools, turn up your Vampire Weekend and just appreciate A.R.T

There is so much goodness to choose from but I’m going with this little ‘treasure’.

Band of Awesome

10 07 2008

Preacher Men

3 07 2008

I’ve been very fortunate to attend two great events in the past week.

Nelson’s B-day was incredible. I feel really fortunate to be alive in his times.

Jack and Ben made sense. Made London worthwhile. Made me want to surf very badly. Makes you want to hold your lady.

Be happy peeps. There is plenty of good to go around.


27 06 2008

Check this out. Great visual way to share your favourite beats

Some of my happy tunes

Make my little dophin dominate!

26 06 2008

Chunks in brine