DJ Baby Jesus

8 08 2008

The Beats from above

The Beats from above

When you are feeling weak, and alone, crank up the ghettoblaster and get high like mount Sinai!


Online Reputation Monitoring for only $1 a month!!

8 08 2008

BrandsEye has just released their new version, BrandsEye for Bloggers. Starting at $1 a month, world class Online Reputation Monitoring is now available to everyone.

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5 08 2008

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30 07 2008
Q: Hi Matt – welcome to Askablogr. Totally agree with your hope for a future of web apps that does more to create real (i.e. face-to-face) community. Interested to know if you’ve seen anything interesting along those lines (location-aware mobile apps are my personal bet on that front). Cheers!
Asked by Chris DeVore

A: Hi Chris,

1st – nice work on askablogr

 To be very honest I'm yet to come across applications that actually set out to achieve real world tangible experience. There are some wonderful examples of using the most basic of interactions to send users on a journey (e.g that pulls together goal driven events (e.g. search) and branded web experiences.

It seems obvious (and perhaps everyone is overlooking the answer that's already there), but the simple model of ' i give input and its realized in the real world' is something that the likes of Threadless has been doing for some time with great success. 

FB's Friends Connect   gets me thinking … if you can turn this rich source of information into a channel for brand experience (sampling /events invitation) then users might be very happy to part with this level of information.



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Poo Wizards

17 07 2008
Poo can make your heart melt

Poo can make your heart melt

Sometimes you stumble onto a rare gem made of polished poo. Its times like this you have to down tools, turn up your Vampire Weekend and just appreciate A.R.T

There is so much goodness to choose from but I’m going with this little ‘treasure’.

Band of Horses!

11 07 2008

Creative ideas

Band of Horses awesome video of show at shepards bush

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Band of Awesome

10 07 2008